Body Fit member offer

Well done on signing up with Body Fit!

Now’s the opportunity to get your body checked out to ensure it’s firing on all cylinders so you can make the most of your Body Fit experience!

To reward you for joining, we’re giving you 50% off an Initial Myotherapy session at The Musculoskeletal Co. (That means the session will be $51 instead of $102!)

Plus – you can use your private health insurance on the discounted price if you have it, too!

What we can do for you: 

  • Movement screening for injury prevention
  • Myotherapy Treatment and Rehab programs for existing injuries
  • Relief from post workout pain and soreness
  • Collaboration with your Body Fit trainers

We’re located just around the corner from Body Fit Richmond at 33-35 Waverley St.

This offer is available to all Body Fit members, plus you can share it with your friends and family for their initial consultations only too.

To book in to see us, you can book here – see you soon!

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