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Introduction to The Musculoskeletal Co.

The Musculoskeletal Co. is passionate about helping everyday people achieve their goals. We do this by providing lasting solutions to... learn more

Matt Jeffers

BHSc (Myotherapy)
MovNat Level 1 certified trainer
Selective Functional Movement Assessment
Functional Movement Group – Functional Assessment Course
Functional Therapeutic Movement

What we do


 What is Myotherapy? Myotherapy is a system of health care primarily focusing on assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain. Myotherapy is used in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions as… read more

Functional Movement Training

As part of your Myotherapy treatment we get you moving. The first goal of treatment is to reduce and ultimately eradicate your pain, and believe it or not one of the most effective… read more

Movement Assessment

“If you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing”  A wise man mentioned this in a course I recently attended and there couldn’t be a truer statement when it comes to working out why… read more

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How to resolve your back pain

By Matt Jeffers, June 9, 2016

About 80 per cent of us in the Western world can expect to suffer some form of lower back pain at some point in our lives. But…. If you begin and stick… read more

Gymmy Squatz member offer

By Matt Jeffers, July 7, 2017

Well done on signing up with Gymmy Squatz! Now’s the opportunity to get your body checked out to ensure it’s firing on all cylinders so you can make the most of your… read more

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